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Find healthy, good-quality supplies in our shop. About 90% of what we sell to you is grown in-house.

We Sell Landscape Mix in bulk.


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Create a Unique, Healthy Garden with Our Garden Supplies and Materials

Indulge your green thumb by shopping at our fully equipped garden center and nursery. Natural Springs Garden Center has the products you need to start a beautiful garden. You'll find everything from annuals and perennials to mulch and potting soil. We also sell landscape mix in bulk when you have a large gardening project in mind. Visit our nursery today at 4243 University Pkwy in Natchitoches.


No garden can thrive without the use of fungicides to keep the meddlesome pests and insects away. Our various disease solutions will go a long way in helping you maintain your garden.

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  • Garden tools

  • Wind chimes

  • Pottery

  • Miniature gardening supplies

  • Fairy garden items

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  • Birdhouses

  • Hanging baskets

  • Weed killers - garden solution center

  • Herbicides

 Garden Supplies and Materials

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